Sunday, May 29, 2011

Aardvark Scouts Line Drawings

During my two month summer break I plan to create at least two relief prints centered around some old characters of mine called The Aardvark Scouts. In college, I created a portfolio of prints centered around these character. The purpose of continuing this series is to replace some weaker images in the portfolio in the hopes of strengthening it enough to apply to graduate school. I will attempt to upload progress shots of the process here.

First up are the initial drawings I do of the characters that will be in the print. The poses are pulled from the thumbnail sketch I chose to follow of the layout of the whole piece. I like to draw the characters individually on paper, scan them, then arrange them compostionally on the computer. I like this method because it allows me to easily arrange, resize and edit the subjects without having to do a lot of redrawing. I don't necessarily have to outline them since most lines will be redone or worked over while coming up with the final image, but it's a habit I picked up in school that I don't care to quit.

Cthulhu Munny Commission

Commissioned 4'' Munny painted as Cthulhu. I had a ton of fun painting this guy. I haven't customized many toys so the few I've done have been huge learning experiences. The main lesson from this one is that I can never use a too fine of a grit sandpaper.

Made from a 4'' Kidrobot Munny, wire, super sculpey, acrylic paint and iridescent medium.

Ex Libris

Commission done for someone who's husband is an English Doctoral graduate. It was designed so that it could potentially be made into a tattoo. The shield serves as the identification marker since it would be weird to get one's name tattooed to oneself. Done on Bristol board with Micron pens.