Sunday, March 25, 2012

Egyptian Vulture

I'm part of an online group that has members create pieces of work based on unusual, unfamiliar animals. March's animal is the Egyptian Vulture.

With this piece I wanted to show off the animal's face as well as the sharp contrast between its wings and body. While working on the head, I began to realize that the hackle feathers resembled a pharaoh's head piece, so I rolled with that as well.

Originally, I wanted to color this on the computer, but after scanning it, I realized it would take me far longer to color it the way I wanted it to look on the computer rather than just doing it by hand. So I went with a medium I was more comfortable with- watercolors. It's not as vivid in real life, but I was betting on my scanner to brighten in up :)

I also took some strong artistic liberties with anatomy. Hope that's excusable.

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